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Happy New Year!

2017 is here and the team at Business DNA would like to wish everyone a prosperous "year of the rooster". With 2016 out of the way and the new year upon us one can't help but reflect on the year that was, we have had the Pokemon craze which took the world by storm causing road accidents and upsetting local police stations, exploding Samsung phones creating havoc for air travelers, driverless cars, well, not quite driving, the Kardashians, they are always trending, Sydney's lockout laws, Brexit, Trump's great wall and the hype around the U.S presidential campaign with the effects still flowing into 2017. Locally we had rain, rain and more rain, floods, drowned crops, bridges underwater for months and Council mergers.

The events listed above are examples of external things that are outside of your control, your success is based around your ability to plan and focus on things that you can influence in your business and personal life.

We encourage you to take time in these first couple of months to focus on your future direction and the plans that will help you to achieve your success and provide you with personal satisfaction and enjoyment. Business DNA is here to support you in developing your plans. Some key items to keep an eye on for 2017 will be the next Innovators Workshop on the 21st February 2017. Articles on and around business, farming, agriculture, industry, manufacturing and all things financial. So bring on 2017!

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