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The Challenges for leadership today and for the future

"The art of listening is harder than previously thought"

Our first newsletter is following on from another one of our successful DNA Innovators Workshops. The challenges among some of Dubbo's prominent leaders were established both now and for the future. The three key areas that were noted included: Articulating a Vision, Listening and Conflict Resolution. Some thought provoking issues were brought up and in turn resolutions on how best to manage these challenges today and look ahead to 2025.

A snapshot into each key area as deliberated by the group included: Articulating a Vision

  • Questions as to the strategy to achieve

  • Define each element of the process

  • Ability to listen

  • Ability to motivate


  • Patience

  • Pre-prepare questions

  • Body Language

  • Trust (Environment of trust)

Conflict Resolution

  • Address the issue at the time

  • Consequences

  • Listening

  • Establish the teams "Code of Behaviour" and the consequences.

The outcome from our business leaders was "the one thing we can be certain about, we can't be certain as to what the future will bring, the future is unpredictable..." All business leaders must stay alert and agile. Not too much will change in the short-term from an operational perspective but certainly from a product perspective we need to stay connected to innovations to shape strategies and prepare for change.

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