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Brain Writing

This process is fantastic for creating teamwork and solving problems.

This tool is used to draw on the innovation and creativity of a team to develop action plans. Each team member anonymously contributes their idea to a specific problem to improve your business. Consider using this tool to generate activity and team work. The advantage of Brain Writing is that it is giving every person something to do as the same time. Open minded people will enjoy the experience. It is a good exercise to use to create energy at the start of a team meeting or just before a break. Step by Step Guide

  1. Let each person select what they consider is the most important issue to resolve.

  2. They write their issue onto a card (or piece of paper as an alternative). This card is placed into a central basket or pile on a desk.

  3. Each person then picks a card and writes their idea for resolving the issue on the card. The advantage is people can be honest in their responses.

  4. If time permits, put the cards back into the basket and repeat the process. This time the person can comment on both the issue and the solution proposed.

  5. The cards are returned to the basket and each person locates their original card and reads the responses.

  6. Conduct a group discussion on the issues and suggested solutions.

You can also use flip chart paper and stick them on a wall and invite all participants to wander the room and add their comments onto the flip chart paper. Solve problems and have fun.

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