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3 Tips for Social Media

1. No social media strategy

If your social media has no “where” picture and there is no set goal, it is highly likely that you will not gain the results you are looking to achieve. You need to have a clear “where” picture for your social media to come up with the strategies on “how” you are going to achieve it.

2. No theme in your content pieces

Many of us fall into the trap of creating our posts last minute, the posts are reactive and too often done in desperation just to “post”. These are wasted opportunities and more importantly a waste of your precious time. The key is to create content with your audience in mind, what resonates with your target customer. Focus on what your audience might like to see instead of what you want them to see. Every image, video, blog or link that you share should engage, entertain, build awareness and inspire your audience.

3. No consistency

It is not easy to keep followers engaged with your social media. Too often I see businesses with no structure

social media content. Plan what you will post and create a schedule in advance.

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