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Managing Millennials

Millennials, Gen Y (or people born after 1980 and before 2000) will have a huge part to play in the success of your business in the future. Balancing cultural activities to maintain staff engagement (such as celebrations, skill development and team building…) versus optimising productivity will be a key to attracting and retaining great staff from this generation. Work / life balance and integration via technology tools is an important consideration for this group, employees will expect flexible work hours and locations as standard options from employers. An employer who’s values and ethics align with their own will also be important to this group who will seek the freedom to have control over their own destiny and the opportunity to express and evolve their ideas.

The greatest resource in a business is its people! There is an art in getting the right person doing the right job.

At Business DNA we help you develop your organisational structure and team to meet the changing needs and growth of your business. We will help you recruit your executive team and ensure that your salary packages and incentives are appropriate for your business and competitive in the market place.

We work closely with you to set collaborative goals with your executive team, review their performance and develop their skills based around clear agreed job descriptions and KPI’s.

To find out more please contact us to speak to our specialist David Duffy

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