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3 steps to success

Our experience tells us that highly successful businesses are adequate in all three of the following areas, but excel in at least one, depending on their chosen strategic focus in delivering outstanding customer value.

1. Product Excellence - Strategies that deliver the best product (or service) at the best value

2. Customer Intimacy - Strategies that cultivate relationships and satisfy the unique needs of customers

3. Operational Excellence - Strategies that deliver efficiency, low costs and make doing business simple and hassle-free

Achieving excellence in these areas requires attention to 10 key success areas: Planning, Leadership, Marketing, Customer Service, Sales, Profit, Team Morale, Waste Reduction, Personal Development and Continuous Improvement

Clients often tell us that they are too busy working in the business to be able to concentrate on all of these areas. Planning is absolutely essential however, because it is this vital process that focuses you to work on the future success of your business rather than in it.

The development of winning strategies and their implementation requires effective planning and analysis to understand where your business is now, where you want it to be in the future, and how you are going to achieve your goals.

Business DNA can assist you by facilitating the development of a highly focused one page action plan. Although simple, the process is very powerful and it produces winning results.

We have established the DNA innovators program which creates the opportunity for business owners and managers to work in groups so that they can develop and test their plan, strategies and ideas with their peers. This is an extremely powerful and empowering process for the network members.

The DNA innovators program also engage a range of speakers who will present information to the group on the latest and most relevant business topics for intense discussion and application within their businesses. Business DNA has added additional strength to the process by providing individual business coaching to the members to assists them in the implementation of their strategies. This is all included in the network membership.

The planning process requires an understanding of the competitive advantage that your business currently has, or needs to develop. Your competitive advantage will then drive your marketing strategy while your operations, innovation, finance and human resources strategies all need to be aligned to the unique value proposition you are offering your customers.

The essential task of examining your major issues and challenges, setting measurable goals, and giving priority to those issues which will have the greatest impact on your customers and your business is now made easier. You will develop winning strategies to achieve your goals.

Want to learn more and improve your business then give us a call 6884 5888



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